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Virtual Murder Mystery

  • Time

    Allow 90-mins

  • Price
  • People

    Max 300 people

  • Destination

Be transported to the Deep South in Carolina and race against the clock to solve a murder at River Crossing Book Club! Every member of the team will need to bring their skills to the table to solve a series of puzzles and unravel the complex clues to crack the case. Team members will call on communication, problem solving, logic and reasoning skills to identify the killer, weapon and motive for the murder. Each team will submit their findings and engage in a group debriefing session to explain how they arrived at that conclusion.

The Setting

River Crossing, Carolina, our fictionalized community somewhere deep in the American South is the backdrop to our new adventure! This is a three-cop town. Here the population is tiny. Mostly made up of upper-class landowners and lower-middle-class farmers and their families. All of the inhabitants in River Crossing can trace their roots back to this land for hundreds of years. This is a place lost in time, and last Friday night, between 9:45 pm - 10 pm, the most influential person in town was murdered.

Your Role:

As usual with our work, our audiences ALWAYS play a role. Here you will play an investigative journalist from the Fayetteville Observer. Your job will be to interrogate the townspeople, peel back the layers, and discover what really happened last Friday night, as you and your team look for the best story to write about the murder of Ursula Fitzroy.

What to expect
  • Online itinerary to share with the team

  • Hosted with up to 6 professional actors

  • Your own dedicated Team Days event planner

  • Work as a team to solve the murder at River Crossing Book Club

  • Set in the deep south, Carolina

  • Highly interacting with audience participation

Keep in mind
  • Duration

    Allow 90-120 mins (timings can be customised to suit)

  • Available

    In Australia, US, Asia and Europe timezones

  • Available Via

    Zoom only

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