Top 15 team-building activities for 2022

Companies are built around their people, and these people are then organised into respective teams. These teams are the heart and soul of any organisation. The better your teams, the better your business. It really is that simple.

So if we know this, then we need to ensure that we give our staff the right tools and opportunities to connect and form strong relationships within the group. A team that is united and working collaboratively, will ultimately be successful.

The best thing to do to ensure your team is performing at their peak is to get them involved in team-building activities It has been shown that you can improve your team's effectiveness by offering opportunities to be involved in activities, exercises, and approaches that foster a sense of teamwork. By investing in these such activities, you can transform your group into a cohesive and motivated team.

In recent years with the changes to the standard working environment, businesses have relied more heavily on technology to keep their teams bonded. The exciting thing about that is, that team-building activities have changed with it, and changed for the better! With the use of various tools and new technologies, we can better tailor these activities to get the most out of them and align with specific team goals.

The concept of team building has now shifted and incorporates a range of activities from coaching, and training, to games, events, off-site getaways, and the list goes on. The availability of these activities and events makes it even easier to access and utilise these for your employees.

Of course, there are some simple ways to incorporate team bonding activities into your daily or even weekly team meetings that require little to no preparation. These could be simple games that don’t take more than 5 minutes, however, they can go a long way in allowing your team to form stronger bonds with each other, and ultimately a more united team.

Team Day team building 
  • Two truths and a lie. Everyone has probably heard of this, you come up with 3 statements about yourself, 2 truthful and 1 lie. Then it is up to the group to decipher which is which.


  • Shout outs. Give everyone index cards or post-it notes, have them write down something positive about a team member and during the meeting or at the end of the week, all stick them up on the wall for the group to see it.


  • Show and tell. Just like we did when we were a kid! Each week you could have a theme, favourite childhood memory, something that best represents the weekend that was, or something from your favourite travel destination. You could even get everyone to bring something from their house that you all put into a bowl and then someone picks out an item at random and you have to guess who it belongs to.


  • Silent ball. Everyone sits or stands in a circle far enough away from each other that you can toss a ball between you. You cannot communicate with each other during the game, so you are required to try and make eye contact or non-verbal gestures that ensures the ball is not dropped and the game can continue.

Now, let's take a look at the more structured or formal team-building activities. Here we’ve put together a list of the most popular activities teams are engaging in, in 2022.

1. Amazing Race - If you’ve seen the TV show that should give you some idea as to what you would be in for! You’ll have a fabulous host to give you all the info you need to know, and then teams will be left to race around your city and complete a range of challenges, and discover various checkpoints before reaching your final pitstop. Challenges will range from physical and mental tasks to code breakers and puzzles, but in the end, only one team can be crowned winners of The Amazing Race.

2. Minute To Win It - Hosted by one of our wonderful actors you’ll be completing novel challenges in order to win points and ultimately win the game. The challenges are all very similar to the tv show with the same name, where you use household items in unique ways to conquer deceptively simple challenges in less than one minute. These tasks are fun, and wacky, and are sure to leave the room full of laughter as you watch on as team members take on the challenges.

3. Build a Bike - This is not only a team-building event but an event that gives back to the community as well. In teams, you will each be tasked with competing against each other in a series of bike-related challenges. It could be Guess The Movie (showing just the scene from the movie showing a bicycle), maybe it’s Bike Trivia? After these challenges, teams will then reach the final level, the bike build. You’ll be given a complete kit and instructions on how to put the bike together and at the end of the event, these bikes are donated to a charity that provides them to people in need.

build a bike team days

4. Graffiti Art - Today you won’t be painting a bowl of fruit. Instead, as a team, you will come up with a design that reflects your team’s identity and values. Then, under the guidance of a local aerosol artist, you’ll receive a skills session to practice your techniques before getting underway to create your masterpiece. You can even take the art piece home with you, to liven up your desk space or maybe redecorate the board room, that’s completely up to you!

5. Adventure Trivia - A cross between standard trivia and a gym class, this will get the mind thinking and the blood pumping! The trivia component will range in questions from categories such as sport, pop culture, and general knowledge, just to name a few. Then the other component incorporates giant puzzles, creative tasks, audio challenges, balloon juggling etc. This game really has something in there for everyone to have their time to shine!

6. Film Fest - In this event you will be required to conceptualise and then create a short film! It’s a big task, but we know you are up for it! Our host will kick off proceedings with some directions on how to complete the challenge and ensure all team members are playing a part in the production. You’ll need to direct, write scripts, source costumes and props as well as choreograph, produce and film the 3-minute short film. Our host will assist with tips and tricks along the way, but ultimately this is your chance to get your 15 minutes of fame, lights, camera, action!

7. Ultimate Spy Challenge - Hosted at a venue of your choice, our host will split you into groups and task you with your secret mission. You’ll be sent in on your separate ways to put your spy skills to the test as you complete various challenges and hone in on your victory! This is a great strategic game to focus on communication, creative problem solving and communication.

8. Drag and Draw - Put your creativity to the test with the assistance of Wonder Mama, our very fabulous drag queen superstar! Held in an inner-city studio, or we can come to you, this is an art class like you’ve never experienced before. Bring your own drinks to sip on as you create your masterpiece and bond over your creative flair, or maybe lack thereof!

drag and draw team days

9. Escape Room - There’s nothing like all being stuck in the same room to really bond with one another. This is one activity that requires a lot of teamwork. You’ll need to communicate effectively and collaborate efficiently to be able to solve the puzzles and crack the codes to escape the room before the time runs out!

10. Cooking Masterclass - It’s time to get your aprons on and get into the kitchen! You’ll be directed by so of the best cooks and host chefs in the business as they guide you step by step through preparing their chosen recipe. In the end, you’ll all be able to sit down and enjoy your creations together and de-brief over your culinary efforts.

11. Gatsby Casino Night - Dress up as they did in the ’20s and get ready to gamble (with fake money), it’s Gatsby Casino Night. Not only do you get to glam up or dress like a gangsta the ‘money’ you earn through the night is then used in the final game to bid against each other to secure a piece of precious art! No one said anything about how to get your money though, so beg, bribe, bet and make sure you bring home a big bag of (fake) cash!

12. A Game of Wines - It’s like a wine-tasting but with a twice. During this interactive activity, you will get the chance to taste a selection of 6 wines, and then your wine-y wisdom will be put to the test in a round of trivia for each of the wines you’ve tasted!

13. Corporate Retreat - This isn’t as much of an activity as it is an experience. Corporate retreats can be anything from a day trip to a night or two away. They are a chance to get outside of the 4 office walls and focus on your people. They often include a mix of professional and even personal development and of course, a bit of fun and socialisation as well.

14. The Hustle - Combining real-life challenges and virtual technology you’ll be challenged to the ultimate scavenger hunt adventure, The Hustle. You’ll be split into teams then you’ll need to explore the world around you to find clues, complete challenges, submit videos and even find secret characters hidden within your environment. Using our custom-built app you’ll learn of your challenges, upload your photos and videos and be able to see how you are fairing with your opponents in real-time. The best part is, that all the photos and videos you’ve taken along the way in challenges will be collated to provide you with the ultimate memento for you to relive the memories.



15. Gameshow - Think about all those game shows or reality tv shows we all know and love. Well now is your time to be a part of them in our Gameshow activity! Our professional actors will host your event and take you through a journey of fun nostalgia as you compete to receive an Immunity Idol in Survivor and then battle it out in Family Feud. The fun doesn’t stop there we’ve included rounds such as Wheel of Fortune, Sale of the Century and the Prive is Right, just to name a few. This is bound to bring laughter to the room!

Incorporating some form of team-building activity regularly will ensure your employees stay engaged and as a team, they stay united. These events and activities are a great way to reconnect, focus on company values, or just have some time to relax. These events can also be a great way to address any gap’s in your team’s cohesion and ensure that you continue to have a strong team of people.

When it comes to choosing which event or activity is most suitable, you can always speak to us to discuss what goals you would like to achieve and which activity is going to enable you to do that. There are several outcomes that can be achieved from teams participating in these activities regularly, and if you missed our previous article detailing exactly what these outcomes were, you can read that here.

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