Virtual Team Building

Online Team Building Guide 

With an ever-growing list of online team building activities and group experiences, all of our remote experiences have been designed to put some fun back into our virtual teams lives, connecting and promoting positive cultures under the most challenging of circumstances.  Executed seamlessly by our team of expert facilitators and partners through familiar platforms such a Zoom, Google Hangouts and Microsoft Teams, we collaborate on events that engage teams in any industry or country, from 6-1000 people.

Be it a long lunch hosted by an inspirational guest speaker, Friday night drinks guided by our wine sommelier (don't stress you won't be quizzed afterwards) or bring out your inner Larry Emdur with an interactive virtual Game Show or hosted Trivia, we have all manner of perfectly pitched activities from virtual amazing races to magic shows. We've even sourced some amazing philanthropic focused experiences that promote team engagement and give back to the global community. 

Connecting with and motivating your team should be high on the agenda at your organisation now more than ever. Give Team Days a call and make the best of it. 

Our Online Team Building Activities for Remote Teams

The Big Game
The Big Game

It's big game time! You can finally prove that you are in fact, the REAL expert when it comes to all things The Simpsons. Maybe you are an expert Pictionary artist or fancy yourself as a silent karaoke singer as you challenge your workmates in a virtual lip-dub comp. Whatever it is we can tailor the perfect at-home game experience for your team. 

During the game, your live DJ host will play music, provide candid commentary and track scores. The results are side-splitting and engaging with players voting on participants submissions to determine the final scores! Your game can be customised to follow a certain theme or include questions about your organisation to ensure you nail your desired outcomes and leave your team feeling engaged and motivated. We can even focus on that one book turned t.v series that shouldn't be spoken about after season 7, you know, the one with the dragons......Tell us what you want and we will make it happen.

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virtual team family fued

In the days before the internet and endless streaming services, there were few things one could do when enjoying a cheeky day off from work or school. Enter day-time game shows. The pinnacle of the 90's and early 2000's afternoon entertainment.

Whether you want to compete as an individual or as a team we have you covered. Step up and spin the wheel, flip over a square and get ready to answer a question with a question.

Will you take home the cash (fake) prize? a new (toy) car? or risk it all to become the carryover champ?...

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final verdict hero
Final Verdict

In this 90 minute legal thriller, the heir to a media empire stands accused of arson and fraud, facing a life sentence in prison if he is found guilty.

Gather your team and step into our virtual courtroom, as it’s time to report for jury duty. The case in question is a high-profile arson trial in which an heir to a media empire, faces life in prison if found guilty of his charges. Think part escape room, part murder mystery.

Court is in session, and it is now up to you and your team as the jury, to put your logic and reasoning skills to the test and come up with your final verdict. This remote event brings together live actors and 3D virtual reality as you take part in an interactive criminal investigation. You’ll work with your jurors to assess evidence and exhibits from CCTV footage to fingerprints. Then get the chance to cross-examine both the defendant in question and the lead prosecutor live. Decipher fact from fiction and come up with a unanimous verdict.

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Patent Pending 02
Patent Pending

Craving to test your creativity, or itching to innovate?

Let’s see what you can come up with, in our Patent Pending online game show.

During this virtual event, teams will need to come up with products that solve a problem. Sounds simple enough? Well not just any problem, a problem you probably didn’t even know you had! This is where creativity meets comedy, think butter on a stick or a drone that holds an umbrella over your head, you get my drift!

A fully hosted team-building experience, in which our facilitators will tailor the content to your team and your business. It is then up to your team to conceptualize and come up with the goods to win the votes of their peers. Will you create a catchy jingle, or will give your team create a polished presentation on the back of a napkin to showcase your new product? Put your thinking caps on, as we are sure to throw a few curveballs in the mix as well to keep things interesting!

Our remote Patent Pending game is the ultimate way to encourage outside-of-the-box thinking. Who’s pitch will be perfect? Book with us and find out.

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space ship
Space Escape

Your squad are new space cadets en route to Mars until the ship is taken over by hostile and mysterious artificial intelligence. Your team must now solve the challenges in order to unlock a series of rooms and regain control of the ship…and there’s only 60 minutes on the clock! Don’t worry, we’ll give you a brief training session and a live host, aka your “Space Commander”, is on call for help at any time. While you work to regain control of the ship, the Escape Room will challenge your team’s analytical abilities, strategy, and collaboration while you bond with your group, and of course, have a lot of fun while working together. Good luck, cadets.

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omega hero
Omega Protocol

The Omega Protocol is a Zombie Apocalypse, race against the clock!

In this 3D virtual escape room challenge, teams will have to work together to solve a series of puzzles before the time runs out.

It all begins online, within an immersive world, where a group of rogue scientists are undertaking an experiment, that inevitably, goes horribly wrong. And you guessed it, this is where the zombies come in! You and are your teammates will go on a journey from the first-person perspective, through this virtual world, as you fight to save humanity. You’ll need to collaborate and problem-solve like never before as you attempt to find and catch those scandalous scientists!

For a remote team-building event with edge-of-your-seat thrills, book your team in for the Omega Protocol today!

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trivia team days
Virtual Trivia

Pub trivia. It has become a mid-week tradition. It starts off with a couple of after-work drinks and before you know it, it's 7 pm and you are scrambling to come up with a witty team name. Whether you fancy a night all about the Simpsons, maybe general knowledge is more your thing? (it's ok if you can't name all 44 US presidents) Whatever it is we can tailor the perfect at-home pub trivia experience for your team.

During the game your live DJ host will play music, provide candid commentary and track scores. The results are side-splitting and engaging with players voting on participants submissions to determine the final scores! Your game can be customised to follow a certain theme or include questions about your team. We can even focus on that one book turned t.v series that shouldn't be spoken about after season 7, you know, the one with the dragons......Tell us what you want and we will make it happen. 

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flags team days
Office Olympics

In our office, every two years, we find ourselves debating a very important topic: “Which Olympics is better? Winter, or Summer?”. With a mix of Australians and Canadians in our dream team, it can become quite a competitive discussion. We have found a new way to settle the score with our Virtual Office Olympics! 

This 60-120-minute online activity has your team competing for Gold, Silver and Bronze. An opening ceremony starts the day off as we split up your team into smaller groups. Then, for each event you send forward one teammate to represent your group. With events ranging from Lip Sync Battles, to Mouthy Marathons, and even some Water Warfare, there is an event well-suited to each member of your team. Finish off with a closing ceremony where your fun-loving host will reveal the winners. A great way to bring your team together while we are all working from home.


dancing queen
Drag Bingo or Trivia

It's just FAH-bulous darling! Take your traditional trivia or bingo night and add some sparkle and shine. Your drag queen host will supply everything you need for a fantastic night, including electronic bingo/answer sheets. They will guide your group through a fun-filled game night with lots of laughs, cheeky contests, and take your pick or drag bingo or trivia. Find out who on your team will be crowned the top queen, and who will have to sashay away. Finish the night with an entertaining drag show. This virtual experience has it all and is perfect for any team.

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filter brewer v2
Virtual Coffee Tasting

Perfect for the staff team that cannot get through their day without a good cup of coffee. With all equipment and coffee supplied to you via a sampler pack, all you need to do is tune in on the day and our barista team will talk you through the rest. Learn basic brewing techniques and, with the included brewer, brew two different coffee samples. While your coffee is brewing you will learn about the selected blends and where they come from. Then it's tasting time! Your barista will work through some tasting notes and coffee profiles with you. As you finish up the session there will be time for some Q&A’s. Ask a certified barista (and coffee aficionado) those burning questions you have always wanted to ask, like “What is the actual difference between a latte and a flat white?”.


cocktail being made
Cocktail Making Class

Cocktails are usually frowned upon at work lunches and team meetings (not to mention your desk), but a cocktail making class is technically an extracurricular activity. So cheers to you! Blending flavours and layering liquor always makes for a smooth social mixer and a fun team bonding experience.

You’ll learn to craft cocktails like a pro with insider knowledge from some of the masters of mixology. Don’t hold back, this is a unique team-building exercise that encourages creativity, colour... and drinking. And that’s something we can all get behind.

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virtual amazing race team days
Virtual Amazing Race

Imagine if the “Amazing Race,” “Australia’s Funniest Home Videos,” and Cranium got funky inside your mobile phone. That’s the Classic Virtual Amazing Race. Perfect for remote team-building. It’s a smartphone scavenger hunt on steroids, starring you and your co-workers, friends or foes. Played in cities all around the world, it is an absolute crowd-pleaser. 

Our creative location-based puzzles get players to explore their environment in a completely new way. Whether your indoor or outdoor game-zone is your house, your office, or the Sydney Opera House, our writers come up with awesome and witty clues that foster exploration and your inner Sherlock Holmes.

Teams solve tasks by taking photos or making short videos. Think re-enactments of video games, movies acted with fingers or the recreation of iconic scenes. Creative Challenges are featured during the ‘Presentation & Voting’ at the end of the game before the grand finale which concludes with the winning team hosting our virtual trophy!


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Murder mystery deep sth
Virtual Murder Mystery

Be transported to the Deep South in Carolina and race against the clock to solve a murder at River Crossing Book Club! Every member of the team will need to bring their skills to the table to solve a series of puzzles and unravel the complex clues to crack the case. Team members will call on communication, problem solving, logic and reasoning skills to identify the killer, weapon and motive for the murder. Each team will submit their findings and engage in a group debriefing session to explain how they arrived at that conclusion. 

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Virtual casino night
Virtual Casino Night

“You’ve got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em…Paint on your best poker face and go head to head against the other members of your team with this personalised Virtual Casino Night!

From Blackjack, Three-Card Poker and Texas Hold Em' Poker to Roulette and Craps, our casino games are great for networking and connecting guests around the world. Entertain hundreds of guests with multiple breakout rooms. 

Our professional croupier have years of experience and can entertain your team. If there are any rookies in the room, the introductory instructional tutorial will bring them up to speed at the table, or at least help them bluff their way through the night! 

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team days painting mess
Virtual Paint and Sip

Your team’s artistic flair might extend as far as stick figures. But could there be a Dali or Rembrandt hiding amongst the group? In this fun and relaxed virtual painting class your crew will bond over a shared passion for art, or at least laughter, as you attempt to recreate your own work of art. Your team’s professional creativity coach will be on hand to provide support and creative direction, but the rest is up to you, including the BYO wine! Pinot and Painting make for a classic combination. In a practical sense, the painting workshop is designed to nurture creativity and lateral thinking among teams. But we just love them because they’re loads of fun!

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escape toom scene
Virtual Escape Room

We’re sure that we’re not the first to suggest getting out of an Escape Room and saving you boss will probably hold you in good stead for your next payrise conversation… If a more team building focussed event is your vibe, and teamwork and collaboration are higher in importance, a Virtual Escape Room is right up your alley. You just need to figure out through a series of puzzles and mazes how to get to that alley… For the uninitiated, a group will be thrust into a number of different scenarios and scenes and will be required to strategise your way out. Clues range in difficulty, and you’ll need expertise in a few different areas to make it out in the allotted time; left field thinking is a must!

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Mimi Pasta Web 1035 copy
Virtual Cooking Class

If you’ve grown up with Masterchef on the television, have flicked the pages of an Oliver “15 minutes or less’ or quite fancy yourself as a wiz on the pots and pans, you and this team activity goes together like Bangers and Mash. Pick a style or part of the World from which to learn and we’ll put an expert Chef into your hook-up to guide you through the steps to make the perfect meal. Our Chef is a professional food educator and TV presenter with years of experience across many cuisines. You will be guided on a culinary journey and produce a 3-course meal from start to finish. The best part is enjoying the meal at the end and grilling your Chef for stories from the Kitchen...

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bogan bingo team days
Bogan Bingo

Not your usual bingo game. Take the community hall classic… and make it bogan! Connect online with your team at this virtual comedy game show. Along with a unique game of bingo, this event also gets your group involved with competitions like “Best Dressed Bogan”, “Best Air Guitar”, and “What's the most bogan thing in your home?”. The numbers called are cues for songs from the 80s and 90s, and each player will have access to an easy to use app to play along with while they watch the show through a group video call. This event is perfect to get your team laughing together while you dance along to some nostalgic tunes.

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TD cooking
Cook with a Master Chef

This Cooking Class is the ultimate equaliser, bringing every member of the team to the same level of understanding of acceptable culinary standards, coached by some of the best chefs in the business. As well as brushing up on some essential teamwork skills, your cooking crew will get to sit down and enjoy a meal together in a relaxed social atmosphere, with no tea-room tension!

Pick a style or part of the World from which to learn and we’ll put an expert Chef into your hook-up to guide you through the steps to make the perfect meal. Our Chefs have appeared on TV's famed The Masterchef and will guide you through on a culinary journey and produce a fabulous meal from start to finish. The best part is enjoying the meal at the end and grilling your Chef for stories from the Kitchen...

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swimmer team days
Stories from a Sports Star

At a time when team motivation is at a premium, let us help get your organization fired up by providing a professional sports hero to dial into your meeting. They can provide a much-needed boost to team morale with keynote speeches, and strategic advice about how to dig deep and deliver your best when the chips are down. Or hear stories from their past/present and learn about their own challenges to overcome adversity. Followed by a Q&A session, this is sure to reinvigorate your team for the challenges ahead.. With over 1600 professional athletes, business leaders and coaches to choose from, we can cover any topic to provide you with a winning outcome. 


surfer team days
Long Lunch with a Legend

When was the last time you and your team sat down to break bread and chew the fat? It's probably been a while. Get everyone together digitally and take the time to have a nice leisurely lunch. And who is that at the door? It's just a dead set legend popping in to make this an extra special experience. Listen to exciting and inspiring tales from an incredible sports star, followed up with a q&a session at the end.

We can also help you provide the crew with a credit for Uber Eats or a delivery partner of your choice. Supporting a local restaurant will really round out a top-notch afternoon. Not to mention, not having to do any dishes is pretty ace. 


team at winery
Wine Tasting 

Never has there been a better time to enjoy the many wine regions of your house (we’re partial to a Malbec in the living room FYI), and whilst enjoying, learn a little along the way. Pick one of the many stunning wine regions from around the world, and be guided by a local sommelier as they transport you to a world of rolling hills and plentiful grapes, squeezed and aged to perfection and into your glass. Book early and purchase a pack for each attendee to enjoy with our sommelier. Lockdown has never tasted so good.


aperitivo hour team days
Aperitivo Hour

At this point, we're all well versed in digital Friday catch up's. Let's be honest, between the weekly 5 pm (or perhaps earlier) tipple with colleagues and then catching up with your friend's things are starting to get a touch stale with the same old scenery. You can only update your Zoom background so many times before it loses it's charm.

This is where we come in. Let us help you liven things up a bit. We can put together the perfect virtual package for your crew. With our virtual Happy Aperitivi Hour you will be joined by our host and expert mixologist. Spend and hour learning how to craft the perfect Aperol Spritz and Negroni, served with a delicious side of home-made bruschetta. This one is an absolute crowd-pleaser. Fresh food, drinks and fun all tightly packed into an hour of power!

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workout team days v2
Workout with a Sports Star

We know lockdown will impact both mental and physical health, finding the motivation to get off the couch or out of the study is somewhat harder than we all thought… Workout with a Sport Star is the perfect antidote. Choose from a huge offering of sports starts who will take you through a team fitness session (catered to all types), designed to get the heart rate up and blood pumping. The sessions are designed for sustainability, meaning all workouts are followed with all the information to continue your fitness regime if it takes your fancy.

While you’re puffing into your Powerade, our star promises to stick around post-workout for the general banter and a Q and A session; ask the hard questions, as they’ve most likely just put you through some form of hell… It’s the least you can do. 


magic team days
Virtual Magic Show

Abracadabra! Shazaam? Move over Siegfreid & Roy, there is a new magician in town, and you won't need a white tiger or a fluffy white rabbit.

Guided by our resident Criss Angel aka The expert on all things magic, prepare to learn tricks using everyday objects. 

Coming to you live straight to your computer, tablet or smart fridge. Our expert is happy to offer any extra support you might need or they may even divulge some super-secret tricks of the trade you won't learn anywhere else.

You now have the skills to dazzle your friends, family or strangers on the street (post-social distancing of course).

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team building fitness
Fitness with Friends

Remember when going to the gym was a thing? Catching up with friends on a Saturday morning for a group class before heading off to un-do everything at brunch. Those were the days...

Well, roll out your yoga mats, grab your dumbbells and dust off those leg warmers. Fitness classes are back on the menu!

Suitable for any fitness level and hosted from the comfort of your home. And the best thing is you don't have to worry about muggins, not re-racking or wiping down equipment for the umpteenth time.

Whether you want to align your chakras with some yin yoga, challenge yourself with a killer circuit or a throwback Thursday session Aerobics Oz style, we have the perfect trainer for you.  


running team days
Motivational Speaker

At a time when team motivation can be hard to come by, let us help get your organization fired up by providing a motivational speaker. They can assist with a much-needed boost to team morale by providing inspiring advice and stories about how to go above and beyond and deliver the best during difficult times. Followed by a detailed Q&A session, this can help your team conquer whatever challenges may lay ahead. 

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business leader team days
Coach to Coach

Whilst in lockdown it's an ideal time to upskill and expand your professional leadership expertise. We provide the opportunity to pick from a wide range of professional coaches to help you think outside the box and expand your knowledge. From professional sportspeople to c-suite superstars they can provide you one on one advice to help give you the winning edge in business.


shooting a video

Hands up if you took media studies in high school. Did you dream of being the next Speilberg? Maybe Scorcese? Now is your time to follow through with that dream.

Lets set the stage; your living room, balcony, maybe even storage cupboard? it's up to you. You have 24 hours to film your 2-minute masterpiece. Our panel of judges will select the 10 best films to screen at your mini-fest (no need to worry about sneaking in snacks for this viewing). Do you have what it takes to bring home one of the top awards? 

healthy food team days
Health and Wellness 

Feeling flat? Need some more fizz?

Now more than ever it is important to focus on your team's health and wellbeing, both physical and mental.

We can connect you with a range of holistic experts specialising in services from yoga, pilates, guided meditation, nutrition or a health and wellness coach to reinvigorate your team.

Suitable for groups of all sizes, our wellness warriors will host live interactive video sessions. Whatever your team needs we are here to help.

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Virtual Christmas Party

Team Days tailors vibrant group events and virtual Christmas parties for corporates, small businesses and sporting teams. 

Our focus is on creating intimate and memorable experiences for tight-knit teams. We don’t do bland, beige or boring. Just epic virtual Christmas parties! 

Dozens of virtual experiences available to help keep your team connected. While we are apart, Team Days can help your team stay together. Get in touch now, to discuss what your next virtual team building event or Christmas party could look like. 

Planning to catch up in person? We can help there too with dozens of activities across Australia. 

Gifts and Hampers

Team Days has partnered with award-winning hamper and gift company Gourmet Basket. 100's of options available and delivered to your door. Raise your next virtual experience or Christmas Party to the next level! Book with your next virtual event and our hampers can be shipped straight to each participant's door. For the full experience visit and order directly with Team Days. 


More Activities Coming Soon

paper plane team days v2
Paper Plane Workshop

Coming soon...

a virtual team day
Virtual Amazing Race

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haka team days

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kids team days
Enlighten Children 

Coming soon...

Some Of Our Clients Say...

Absolutely brilliant!

H. Elvy

“Naomi was a fantastic host, and the team loved the experience. The fact that you can transfer over the hosting on Zoom so that the interactions with the group could still continue was the cherry on the cake. Thank you for a brilliant team development event.”

Everyone loved it!

H. Watkinson

“Thank you so much for helping to organise last night, it was absolutely fantastic – everyone loved it. The host did such a great job”

What a surprise!

J. Ginzinger

“Though some people were a bit skeptical regarding how the Trivia game would work with so many people, EVERYONE really enjoyed themselves and were talking about it for days afterward.”

Team Building

Hundreds of corporate team building ideas with an emphasis on FUN to keep your team engaged and connected. New virtual team building events, team challenges, problem-solving, amazing races and scavenger hunts. 

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Let Team Days help with your next corporate event, conference, Christmas party, or rewards program for your team. Client incentives, rewards, product launches and more.

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We can deliver group experiences for all groups. Gather your social group, sports team, university or even celebrate a birthday with us. Tell us what you want and we will make it happen. 

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