Amazing Race with Bars

Team Building

A team that plays together, stays together. Which is why we’re in the business of helping teams have fun!

Every day we have the pleasure of watching teams come together to engage and interact outside the usual work setting, effortlessly creating stronger and more efficient teams while genuinely having a good time.

Our Team Days event planners are highly experienced in delivering first-class team-building events, tailored to the exclusive needs of each organisation.

We know workplaces want events that are not only fun, but can put their people to the test, and reveal valuable information about team dynamics, skills and personality types along the way. Workplaces that prioritise effective team building and bonding exercises out-perform those that don’t. 

Communication, time management, risk reduction, delegation, leadership and trust are all vital skills that can be enhanced through gamification of team building events.

And we know team members want events that provide an enjoyable escape from the workplace, and an opportunity to get to know each other outside of the lunchroom.

Whether you’re rolling the dice in the Gatsby Casino, vying to be the last one standing in Survivor, or collecting clues in the Scavenger Hunt, you’ll quickly forget it’s a work function, and get swept up in the challenge, mystery and intrigue.

If you had the pick of another boardroom meeting and Myers-Briggs personality test, or a day of interactive engagement and practical teamwork, which would you choose?

Our Clients

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Our Top Picks

Amazing Race
Top Pick

Before we go any further, expect things to get sweaty, competitive and a little bit crazy during this team-building activity.

Our entertaining professional actor hosts will meet the team, explain the game and get the competitive…

The Ultimate
Top Pick

Can’t decide on one particular theme? The Ultimate Challenge provides the perfect solution.

The Ultimate includes a combination of our favourite tasks and challenges from our most popular team activities. Teams are encouraged to…

The Hustle

We’ve combined real-world challenges with virtual technology to deliver the ultimate Scavenger Hunt adventure, we like to call The Hustle.

First, your group will be split into teams of four or eight people. You will be called…

Survivor Challenge

Step out of the boardroom and into the wild for this Survivor-themed corporate team building challenge.

First, our entertaining professional actor hosts will meet the team, explain the game and get the competitive banter…

Drag and Draw
Top Pick

Your teams artistic flair might extend as far as stick figures. But could there be a Dali or Rembrandt hiding amongst the group? In this fun and relaxed drawing class your crew will bond over a shared passion for art, or at least…

Spy School - In the Field

The name’s Bond, team Bond. You’re on location to track down the suspects in a high-profile case but you’re missing key pieces of intelligence. Your mission? Deploy your spy personas, take to the streets and work together to…

Game Show

Game Show is all about fun and nostalgia! Our professional actors will become your
very own game show hosts and will take you on a journey through all the most memorable and hilarious challenges from TV’s favourite shows. This is…

Urban Explorer

Gather your team and take to the streets on an adventure to explore the concrete jungles of this world!

Compasses at the ready, it’s time to discover the beating heart of your favourite town or city with our Urban Explorer…

Amazing Race with Bars
Top Pick

Let’s start at the very beginning: Our entertaining professional actor host will meet
your team, explain the game, and get the competitive banter flowing in our exciting
Opening Ceremony. Then each team will receive their race…

Gatsby Casino Night

Glam up as a flapper or gangster, practice your Charleston and Fox Trot your way into the roaring twenties. 

You can bet your bottom dollar the Gatsby Casino Night will take your team-building event to the next level as you try…

Pub Explorer

What do you get if you combine a pub crawl, a quiz and a team activity? Thirsty work? Yes, that and our Pub Explorer challenge of course! No matter what you’re drinking, this really is interactive fun and team engagement at its…

Level Up

The aim of the game is simple … Score as many points as possible before you run out of time. There’s something for everyone in this fun, frenetic activity – it’s a sure-fire hit!

Packed with questions, challenges and loads of…

Ultimate Spy Challenge
Top Pick

Take your team’s problem-solving skills to the next level with this fun and fast-paced interactive spy challenge. 

Hosted at a venue of your choice, your team of super sleuths and WikiLeaks wannabes will be split into groups and…

Minute To Win It

Our Minute To Win It is an entertaining combination of games hosted by our
professional actors who bring all the fun game-show-host vibes to your event. The
challenges are all based on the TV show of the same name where…

Build A Bike

If you’ve been searching for a meaningful team-building exercise that also gives back to the community, don’t ride past this bike-building event. 

Build a Bike takes team building up a gear, with a morning or afternoon of bike…

Cook with a Master Chef

Are you the next MasterChef? 

This Cooking Class is the ultimate equaliser, bringing every member of the team to the same level of understanding of acceptable culinary standards, coached by some of the best chefs in the…

Graffiti Art

This isn’t just any old art class. And you won’t be tasked with painting a boring bowl of fruit.

In this Graffiti Art adventure, team members come together to workshop a design that embodies your team’s identity and…

Hipster Homicide

Part murder mystery, part escape room, part treasure hunt, this is an uber-cool
interactive game that will see your team uncovering the mysteries of urban hipster life. Our professional actor hosts will meet your group and…

Train Heist
Top Pick

We love an element of surprise when it comes to arranging epic team days, and no-one will suspect they’re about to tour back in time to solve one of Australia’s oldest cold cases.

The Cloncurry Train Heist or ‘Great Mail Train…

Film Fest

The event kicks off with our awesome professional actor hosts introducing the overall concept and creative brief. We explain that each member of the team will be required to participate to ensure the project is a collaborative…

Escape Room

We’re sure that we’re not the first to suggest getting out of an Escape Room and saving you boss will probably hold you in good stead for your next payrise conversation… If a more team building focussed event is your vibe, and…

The Dark Curse Outdoor Escape

Wands at the ready…Magic and mystery await you in this epic outdoor escape adventure!

A dark curse has been cast across a distant land, robbing its people of their good magic. Just when it feels as though all is lost, the Blood…

What Our Clients Say!

Plenty of laughs!

A. Cameron

“Our event was professionally organised and run. The event speaker was very knowledgeable and was able to easily adapt and adlib on the spot - so no awkward silences and plenty of laughs.”

A global success!

L. Woodcroft

“A huge success in all regions - ran smoothly, clear instructions and heaps of fun! I’m seeing lots of comments about how much everyone enjoyed it! Thanks so much”

Excellent sense of humor!

T. Ying Goh

“Awesome hosts who were very professional and have an excellent sense of humor. Our game show ran very smoothly and efficiently. Julian who put together a proposal for me pre-event was also very helpful and understanding. He answered my questions patiently and is very responsive. Thankful for the pleasant team to work with.”

Absolutely brilliant!

H. Elvy

“Naomi was a fantastic host, and the team loved the experience. The fact that you can transfer over the hosting on Zoom so that the interactions with the group could still continue was the cherry on the cake. Thank you for a brilliant team development event.”

Highly recommend for any virtual events!


“We went with the Virtual Game Show and Tom and James arrived early to the zoom link, talked me through the process before admitting my colleagues and then ran the entire event so smoothly. Everyone had a great time and were all very happy with the whole event.

Fantastic hosts!

D. Anile

“Fantastic hosts who made the event, fun and interactive with all staff from our office. Highly recommend Team Days.”

Sensational evening!

J. Tumbri

“We had a sensational evening, a great turn-out with our company across many countries... thankyou!”

Great virtual event!

Sheppy Grebosz

“The Big Game was not only a great virtual event had by our team, but also a fantastic team-building exercise for our team. Being remote and not having met everybody in person, it was a fantastic opportunity to have some fun together. DJ BrieJ was the best!”

Well planned!

Z. Cartledge

“The experience was very well planned and our organisation had a lot of fun participating in the Virtual Amazing Race.”

The hosts were professional!


“Lovely people, very responsive at short notice. The hosts were talented and professional...and worked well with our slightly complex hybrid virtual model. The sessions were fun and challenging.”

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    ATAS is the stamp of approval that symbolises the Australian travel industry’s highest level of customer service, training, ethics and professionalism. By using a business that bears the ATAS symbol you can be sure that you are booking through and working with the best in the industry.


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